Sebago Lake Distillery

Sebago Lake Distillery crafts the highest quality Rum, in small batches, sourced from the very best ingredients. We proudly operate out of our facility in Gardiner Maine as we attempt to revive our great state’s rich history of Rum making. There’s no other place on earth like Maine, it leaves an impression on everyone that comes here, and that’s what we want our Rum to do.

We love the way our products look in the glass. The comforting way they linger and respond to a twirl. The deliciously smooth taste and welcoming fragrance. But let’s be honest friends, mostly we love drinking them… and we think you will too.

What Do People Think About Our Rum?

“Wow!!  I am trying a glass now in front of the fire…I would describe this as the rum that a scotch drinker would love!! It almost has a peatiness to it. There’s also a sweetness but not typical rum sweetness – more herbal and complex. This is really good!!  Let me know how I can get a hold of a case – these would make great gifts.” 

~ Chris, Boston, MA

“I had a chance to get into the Sebago Lake rum last night after a dinner party, we had an impromptu rum tasting of some rums that were on hand; Sebago Lake was really excellent, in fact no hint of the sugary taste/after taste in some rums, much more like a refined spirit with great bouquet and full taste – congratulations.”

~ Kevin, Portland, ME

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