Sebago Lake Distillery

At Sebago Lake Distillery we love Rum. We love everything about Rum and every drop of Rum with our name on it is made from scratch right here at the distillery from domestically sourced molasses and double-pot distilled, as it should be.
Dan Davis
Co-Founder, Distiller, Yeast Wrangler
Maine Rum, Made Right

What Do People Think About Our Rum?

“I’ve never encountered in 40 years of building new spirits brands as strong a positive purchase reaction from customers and consumers as from the Sebago Lake Distillery products! They’re winners!”

Former Seagram Sales Executive

All you need to do is observe the reaction of consumers as well as on and off premise retailers when they have the opportunity to taste these excellent products. Then you’ll see first hand that Sebago Lake Distillery has created these gems. The final step is to try the products yourself.”

Former Seagram Executive

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