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Cocktail Corner with Distiller Dan Davis

At Sebago Lake Distillery we have only one category of cocktails, Rum cocktails. We have, however, organized the cocktail recipes by base spirit and by difficulty level to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Be sure to give us feedback on the recipes and the page so we can continue to improve.

Wannabe Mixologist Cocktails: These cocktails are for those of you who have basic kitchen tools, a few specialized cocktail tools like a cocktail shaker and strainer, some cool glasses, and maybe some sweet and dry vermouth and a few liqueurs in the cabinet. You probably have a lime or lemon rolling around in the crisper drawer, some little cans of pineapple juice, a bottle of Angostura Bitters, and maybe a jar of maraschino cherries kicking around. You may have to go out and buy a few things to whip these cocktails up, but it won’t be anything crazy. So, jump right into the Wannabe Mixologist recipes and amaze your friends and neighbors with your mad cocktail skills.

Master Mixologist Cocktails: These are cocktails for the committed home or professional bartender. The master mixologist has a bitters collection that would make your head spin, has a bunch of infusion jars in a mad-scientist-esque cabinet, has more than three simple syrup recipes, and would never be caught without fresh lemons, limes and a few other fresh fruits and herbs on hand. If this sounds like you, step up and dive into the Master Mixologist cocktail recipes and nerd out to your heart’s content.

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